Aithusa, Of Emerald Dawn


Aithusa bowed her mighty horned head as the voice spoke to her. She knew her place and knew that Marilith was the strongest of their kind on this plane. Wind all around her picked up and the great tree canopy that covered her lair whipped wildly. Trees snapped and broke as the great black dragon landed heavily and without fear in the domain of her sister.

“Sister have you made preparations as I asked you all those years ago?” Marilith’s eyes pierced Aithusa who responded with a great shudder.

“Yes, sister my brood is young but strong. We will do our part in taking Faerun back for dragon kind.” Aithusa replied with recovering her regal demeanor and straightening up in front of her sister.

“Show me.” Marilith commanded her tone simple, her sister would not defy her.

Aithusa grinned at the request and swooped up into the air her sister following shortly behind her until they were both among st the clouds. Dipping her head downwards Aithusa let loose a sky shattering roar that could be heard from miles all around. Marilith watched closely as green wyrmlings broke through the trees swarming the sky to answer their mother’s call crying out. Marilith was pleased, every soldier would be needed for this fight.

“Good sister, I am pleased with your contribution.” The black whacked away wyrmlings that attempted to cling to her with her tail, snorting with annoyance.

“Wait sister, my young are only the half of it.” Aithusa replied triumphantly and then she let out another roar. For a moment there was no response and then Marilith saw. The forest came to life trees uprooting themselves and taking their animate forms.

Marilith chuckled with pleasure. This was a pleasant surprise, she should have known after there centuries of life that her sister’s druid powers were nothing to scoff at. Looking back to her sister she gave a nod of approval and without another world took flight on to her next task. Aithusa smiled as she watched sister leave, she would prove herself strongest, stronger even than her sister, in the eyes of their master.

Aithusa, Of Emerald Dawn

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